About Us


Zohdy Trading and Supplies ( Chemicals and Raw Materials ) is a sister concern of ChemLink Egypt
Now Zohdy Trading and Supplies is a market leader supplying chemicals and raw materials, for various sectors of industries we focus on selecting finest chemicals and raw materials that build long term relation with our customers,offering after sales support and competitive prices enhanced clients to depend on our products. We focus on enhancing team capabilities to cover widest range of industries.

Our products used for the following industrial sections:

1. Detergents and Disinfectants
2. Personal Care and Cosmetics
4. Adhesives and Sealants
5. Plastics ( uPVC Pipes, Filler MasterBatch & Plastic Injection and Moulding )
Feed Additives ( Poultry, Cow, sheep & Fish)
7. Glass & Ceramic
8. Paper & Cartoon