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High Quality ZMTS Egypt Solutions For Raw Materials & Minerals !

Minerals is a general term meaning the earth natural resources, We are
specialized in rock extraction, sizing, crushing and grinding

Soda Ash Light ( Bulgaria )

Soda Ash is one of the most basic chemicals we use in our everyday lives and an essential component of many manufactured products.

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Refined Castor Oil ( FSG )

Refined Castor Oil ( FSG ) First Special Grade Suppliers Manufacturers and Exporters | Zohdy Chemicals & Raw Materials Trading.

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Agriculture Gypsum Powder

Agriculture gypsum can be used in areas with reduced calcium levels on the soil like tropical regions, where calcium is easily leached by excessive rainfall.

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LimeStone Powder Poultry and Fish ( Feed Grade )

The Best LimeStone Powder Poultry and Fish (Feed Grade) 250 mesh, 125 mesh & 80 mesh Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers Get The Top Quality With Affordable Prices.

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Glycerine 99% Usp Grade

Providing The Best quality Glycerine 99% Usp Grade With Affordable Prices | Zohdy Trading Top Raw Materials Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers.

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Light Paraffin Oil 15%, 25% & 40%

Get The High Quality Light Paraffin Oil 15-16%, 25%, 40% & 80% With The Best Prices | Zohdy Trading Top Raw Materials Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers.

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LimeStone Granules ( Feed Grade / Glass Grade )

High Calcium Limestone The eggshell consists of the crystalline layer which is responsible for the mechanical strength, consists of more than 90-95% calcium carbonate.

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Silica Sand 99% - Fe2O3 ( 0.015%, 0.02% & 0.03% )

The Top Quality Silica Sand Exporters Origin : Egypt, Iron Content 0.15%, 0.02% & 0.03% With the Best Prices ZTMS | Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers.

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Caustic Soda Flakes 99%

Get The Best Caustic Soda Flakes 99% Raw Material Specifications Origin : Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Kuwait | Zohdy Trading Top Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers.

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Calcium Carbonate Powder Coated & UnCoated

Get best quality Egyptian origin calcium carbonate powder coated & uncoated from finest Egyptian mines Zohdy Minerals & Top Manufacturers, Origin : Egypt

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Stearic Acid Triple Pressed

The Best Suppliers of The Top Quality Stearic Acid Triple Pressed, Flakes and Beads, Origin : Malaysia and Indonesia. | ZTMS The Top Raw Materials Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers.

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ZMTS Egypt Services With Minerals Expertise!

ZMTS Egypt ( Zohdy Minerals Exports ) Select Our Minerals from Best Egyptian mines with differential quality and best mining practice, Our mineral Deposits in Upper Egypt, Zaafarana,Aswan ,Egypt is considered to have on of the most generous minerals deposits in the world, we keep our quality standards and after sales service for our world wide customers.

ZMTS Egypt - LimeStone -Granules - Poultry Grade -Broiler and Layer Poultry Hens Feed Grade 2-3 mm - 3-4 mm - 0.5-1 mm and 0-0.5 mm - Modern Logo

Research & Analysis

We carefully study and analyze the business requirements of our industry and customers, to develop the best mineral solutions.


Industry Development

Our Mineral industry face a continuous development challenges that request adapting to best industrial practice.


Production Launch

Calcium Carbonate, LimeStone Granules and LimeStone Lumps is our key produced minerals, we gain the trust and dependence of our clients.

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Trusted By More Than 2,500 Customer WorldWide !

We are manufacturers and exporters of finest egyptian minerlas,
we serve various industries sectors.

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